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Sylvia Day


Books by Sylvia Day

 Title  Type
 Spellbound  romance
 Crossfire #1: Bared to You  romance
 Crossfire #2: Reflected in You  romance
 Crossfire #3: Entwined with You  romance
 Marked #1: Eve of Darkness  romance
 Marked #2: Eve of Destruction  romance
 Marked #3: Eve of Chaos  romance
 Dream Guardians#1: Pleasures of the Night  romance
 Dream Guardians #2: Heat of the Night  romance
 Georgian #1: Ask For It  romance
 Georgian #2: Passion for the Game  romance
 Georgian #3: A Passion for Him  romance
 Georgian #4: Don't Tempt Me  romance
 Renegade Angels #1: A Touch of Crimson  romance
 Renegade Angels #2: A Hunger So Wild  romance
 Renegade Angels #1.5: A Caress of Wings  romance
 Historical #1: Seven Years to Sin  romance
 Historical #2: The Stranger I MarriedCrossfou  romance
 Historical #3: Pride and Pleasure  romance
 Historical #4: Her Mad Grace (Bad Boys Ahoy!)  romance
 Historical #4: Stolen Pleasures (Bad Boys Ahoy!)  romance
 Historical #4: Lucien's Gamble (Bad Boys Ahoy!)  romance
 Historical #5: Scandalous Liaisons  romance
 Shadow Stalkers #1: Razor's Edge  romance
 Shadow Stalkers #2: Taking the Heat  romance
 Shadow Stalkers #3: Blood and Roses  romance
 Shadow Stalkers #4: On Fire  romance
 Carnal Thirst #1: Misled  romance
 Carnal Thirst #1.2: Dark Kisses  romance
 Dangerous #1: All Revved Up  romance
 Afterburn & Aftershock #1: Afterburn  romance
 What Happened in Vegas  romance
 Wish List  romance
 Snaring the Huntress  romance
 Short stories: Catching Caroline  romance

About The Author

     Sylvia June Day is an American writer. She also writes under the pseudonyms S.J. Day and Livia Dare. Day is the author of the internationally bestselling erotic new adult Crossfire series, which has six million English-language copies in print and international rights licensed in thirty-eight territories as of February 2013. The first book in the series, Bared to You, was declared Penguin UK's "fastest selling paperback for a decade" and Penguin Group (USA) reports that Bared to You is Berkley's biggest breakout book of 2012.